It’s nice to meet you! We’re Mike and Sierra. Mike codes and builds, and Sierra handles the planning and graphic design.

We originally met over fiction and then founded Atmosphere Websites. We get what authors need in a website, because we combine 20+ years of marketing experience, design and usability expertise, and coding excellence into providing authors with kick ass sites.

We both live in the San Francisco Bay Area and we’re both writers. Here’s more about us:

Mike Chen – WordPress Building


Here is Mike, Photoshopped onto Easter Road stadium, where Hibernian FC plays in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sierra took the photo in fall 2014, and because Mike’s original photo had a plain gray background, Sierra thought this would look a lot better.

Mike Chen is a freelance marketing and technical writer with an engineering background. Building WordPress websites speaks to his technical and creative sides. He does all the building, coding, and SEOing for our website projects and has never met a technical challenge he couldn’t solve.

Mike is a massive Doctor Who and Star Trek TNG fan. He loves all things geek. For years he implored Sierra to watch that one episode of Doctor Who (“Blink”) about the horrible statues that come at you when you blink, and she resisted and then finally watched it and she was horrified beyond belief and basically couldn’t sleep after that, but then admitted it was one of the best screenplays and episodes she’d ever seen.

Mike is a former hockey writer and writes science fiction. He has a weakness for corgis. His author website (designed by Sierra, of course, and built by Mike) is www.mikechenbooks.com and he is represented by Eric Smith of PS Literary Agency.


Sierra Godfrey – Graphic Design


Here is Sierra in the press box at Levi’s Stadium covering the Manchester United vs. Barcelona match in July 2015. The press box had really good chocolate chip cookies. She has hidden one under a napkin on the plate just to the left of the laptop, to enjoy later.

Sierra Godfrey designs all Atmosphere sites in addition to running her own freelance business as a graphic designer and writer. She designs everything from brochures to logos to websites to author swag. Her 15 years of corporate marketing experience means that website clients get a hefty dose of marketing know-how in their sites.

Sierra loves rabbits, cheese, and cats, and has a weakness for all things Pantone. She is a huge soccer fan (although she calls it football, the way you do in Europe, because she is a fan of Spanish soccer). She also loves a rainy day, a book, and silence.

Sierra writes women’s fiction and is a featured columnist covering La Liga for various online publications. Find her at her author site, www.sierragodfrey.com or her more corporate freelance design site, www.sierrafong.com, both of which were designed by her and built by Mike, of course.

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