Don’t Break the Chain! Free Printable

DonAhh, February 1! This year, it seems like there’s a lot of attention on the Jerry Seinfeld method of using Don’t Break the Chain to support your creativity. Not familiar with the process? Apparently, Seinfeld hung a big calendar on his wall and put a big red X through each day that he created material–with the goal of a continuous chain of gloriously satisfying x’s.

Naturally, we made our own sheets for both the entire year and for each month.

  • The year sheet has, as you might expect, the year laid out as a continuous chain. A space at the end allows you to tally all the words written, if you like.
  • The monthly sheet has progress markers to put a big X though, plus word count goals.
Download them for free here:

Enjoy! And, if you want to be alerted when the next one comes out, join our mailing list there at the right. Go on, we won’t spam you. We can’t meet you for coffee so we want to at least stay in touch.

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