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What is a typical turnaround time?

Depending on many factors including your own review time, we usually complete jobs anywhere from 4-6 weeks after contract is signed.

My book release is imminent! Can you do a rush job?

That depends on how “rush” is rush, along with the features/design specifics you need. However, we can always put up a one-page placeholder site with vital info while the real site is being developed, so even if you have a deadline, say, tomorrow, we can get something useful up for you.

As an author, why do I need a website?

Publishers really want authors taking publicity and audience engagement into their own hands these days. A website acts as the home base for your marketing: providing info about you, updating your audience with the latest news, linking out to your social media accounts, and much more.

What do you mean by “custom”?

We don’t use the many templates that come with WordPress. The reason for this is we don’t like restrictions! Most of those templates only allow you to do certain things, like change the header, but not the layout. We want total and complete freedom to give you a site that is YOU.

My agent/publisher/publicist wants certain elements in my site’s design. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Sierra is very good at taking parts or all of your book cover and incorporating them into the design. Or, she hears from client agents sometimes that they want to see certain release date or publisher elements, and we can absolutely accommodate that.

About WordPress

How hard is it too use WordPress?

If all you need to do is make blog posts, update your book catalog, and update your page copy, then it’s as easy as using Microsoft Word. Plus, we’ll provide tutorials for you.

What type of content can I manage on my own?

You can update your copy on all pages, put in new images on a page, and freely blog. In most cases you can change out custom sidebar information. You can also update home page sliders too.

About Atmosphere

Are Mike and Sierra real people? Not just web-building robots?

Yep, real people located in the San Francisco Bay Area. No robots here, though Mike does write science fiction. ( A web-building robot? Sounds like a good idea for a story.)

Really, Mike and Sierra are writers too? That sounds too good to be true.

Seriously, Mike and Sierra are writers. They get the whole process, from drafting to critiquing to querying agents to revisions. You’re among kindred spirits with the Atmosphere duo, and that means a strong understanding of how to communicate with your audience and implement functionality that suits your needs as an author.

Are you the same Atmosphere team as these guys?

We are! It’s just that our other site is tailored more towards business websites (hence, the URL). However, since we developed a specialty in working with our fellow authors, it made sense to have a separate website for that.

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