Interview with Author (and Client) Lorrie Thomson

lorrie2webToday we have a special treat: an interview with one of our earliest author website clients, Lorrie Thomson.

Lorrie contacted us a few years ago, before her first book (Equilibrium) had been published. She had an agent and a book deal, and she needed a website. She had taken a class on WordPress and, as I remember, told us that she learned enough to know she didn’t want to do her own website!

Lucky us :)

Since the publication of Equilibrium, Lorrie has released two other novels: What’s Left Behind and her latest, A Measure of Happiness.

We had a few questions for her about her website and what she’s up to.

Sierra: What’s been going on since A Measure of Happiness was published?

MeasurehappinesscoverLorrie: To borrow the title of Dani Shapiro’s most-recent memoir, I’m still writing! I recently started working on a story I feel very strongly about. A story that may just be the most challenging writing endeavor I’ve ever embarked upon. I’m not trying to be cryptic. (Okay, maybe I am.) But it’s too new to discuss. Until further notice, I’m going to follow the wisdom of my late nana and knock on wood, spit, and throw salt over my left shoulder to ward off evil spirits. (Kenahorah.) But if you’d like to be one of the first to receive solid news, please go to my website to sign up for my occasional newsletters. Yup, Sierra made sure a sign-up form was on my site. She insisted.

Sierra: When we first began working together, your first book, Equilibrium, had not yet been published. We built your website without knowing yet how your career or needs for a website would pan out. Now your third book has been published (A Measure of Happiness). How has your website held up for your career?

Lorrie: Before Equilibrium came out, the thought of constructing a website was daunting. you and Mike took me through the options, from splash/cover page to News/blog. We discussed, in detail, what each page entailed. And you directed me to specific author websites so I could “see” what you were talking about. You made the process fun. Yes, my website has held up well for my three novels. The hardest part was the initial setup.

When I had release dates for novels two and three, What’s Left Behind and A Measure of Happiness, I simply contacted you to request additional pages and sale buttons. We had a great foundation upon which to build. Some additions, such as creating playlists, I was able to complete myself. And I even enjoyed it! Day-to-day tasks like adding reviews and posting news are simple. FYI, I still consider myself a bit of a technophobe. But in reality I’m probably “middle of the road” in terms of technical proficiency. Either way, tasks performed repeatedly get easier. I promise.

Sierra: Was there anything that has came up in the years since we built your site that your site has not been equipped to handle? How about the ways in which it HAS handled things needed by an author–book clubs, signings, news, audience outreach, etc?

Lorrie: People have used my website to contact me directly about attending book club meetings, and to request signings via my publicist at Kensington Books. All of which I enjoy tremendously.

Sierra: We’ve worked together some over the years to update your website to add on things as your career has grown. How has WordPress been for you in terms of day-to-day handling?

Lorrie: One of the most useful features has been letting readers know about my books a few months before their release. They get to see the beautiful book covers, read synopses, and—about a month out—read an excerpt. They get excited about future releases right alongside me. And even pre-order my books. Did I mention you can purchase autographed paperbacks and eBooks? That too!lorriethomson

Sierra: We built your website with some very personal photos that meant a lot to you and who you are. How have those elements held up in terms of branding and marketing?

Lorrie: I love my website, and it’s held up well for novels one, two, and three. But for book four, I might want to make a few updates — you and I have already discussed updating the site.  I adore my splash page. My actual home is on the Home page, how cool is that? But I may want to change it up a bit, and add some  photos more specific to my novels. I’m already looking forward to the challenge!



Thanks so much, Lorrie! We love you!





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