Mike Chen

Mike Chen

Adult fiction author

Mike had a website that promoted his copywriting business, but when he finished his awesome scifi novel, Sierra convinced him he needed an author website. After all, agents like to see website presence. As well, Mike had publishing credits to show off, including several years as a pretty big hockey writer and some travel guide inclusions. Sierra worked with Mike to quickly determine a site that matched is sense of irreverence and geekery, and although it mainly took finding exactly the right stock image, the result is a fun, quirky site that immediately shows you Mike's fiction brand.

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I love this site. It’s so me. Naturally, I was curious to see what Sierra would come up with for me since we work together, and she guided toward what I wanted immediately. I love my site and have to say, Sierra is pretty awesome, and so am I for building it.

– Mike Chen (me)

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