Sierra Godfrey

Sierra Godfrey

Adult fiction author

This is Sierra's site to house her professional writing, including fiction. She had a Blogspot blog for a long time and a pretty static website, and then realized that she needed to probably have a custom-designed author website if she and Mike were going to be doing author websites! Sierra was absolutely her worst client ever, having a hard time deciding what to design for herself and failing utterly to ask herself any of the questions she asks her author clients when they start a project together. In the end, what she designed wasn't at all what she expected to do, but she LOVES looking at it -- which is how she wants her clients to feel about their sites. Her site is personal to her, meaningful, and allows her to express what she needs.

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I was the greatest to work with — even though I was a demanding client! I listened to myself and tried everything I wanted myself to try in order to arrive at that perfect YES. On a serious not, Mike built exactly what I wanted–and I was pretty specific there, too. We’re a great team. :)

– Sierra Godfrey (me)

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