Understanding Web Hosting

There are a lot of different web hosts out there, and many of them are competitive. We recommend only those that are good value with good security and customer service. Our usual recommendation is Bluehost, which offers a really excellent plan and solid setup and security. (What do we mean by security? It means how vulnerable the web host servers are to hackers.)

Many of our clients like to see a price break down of webhost costs.

Bluehost Cost Breakdown

  • Bluehost offers a Basic Plan at $3.95/month – but you need to sign up for three years to get it. Total: $142.20. (Breaks down to $47.40 a year.)
  • For the 2-year Basic Plan, it’s $4.95/month. Total: $118.80 (Breaks down to $59.40 a year.)
  • For the 1-year Basic Plan, it’s $5.95/month. Total: $71.40 

Plan Details

Now, let’s look at what that gets you. Here’s Bluehost’s plan tree:


They really want you to go with the Plus plan — but for most of our clients, Basic is just fine.

With the Basic plan, you also get 5 email accounts. For an overview of email accounts and why they matter, see this article.

Here are a few points to understand about this plan breakdown:

  • 50 GB website space is just fine unless you’re running an ecommerce business. If you ever feel like you need more space, you can bump your plan up later.
  • 5 email accounts: you get 5 email addresses on the Basic plan. Each email has 100 MB per account, which is not a HUGE ton. If you’re running a business, you may need more (the Plus plan).

Why Bluehost and not another provider?

Again, there are different web hosts out there. We’ve tried many and worked with tons. We recommend Bluehost because they have:

  • good customer service
  • a great user interface
  • competitive pricing
  • cheaper pricing in the long run than many competitors
  • safer from server hacking

Do we sound like an ad for Bluehost? We don’t mean to. Use who you want, but above all, understand what you’re getting for the price. Do some comparison shopping. We try to keep an eye on pricing and have found Bluehost to be the better long term host, BUT this could change. We’re not paid to say that for them. We support a good solid host for the best price for our clients.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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